We are in the holiday season. The season when people spend time with their family and friends. It is a time to celebrate traditions. It is also the time of year when you realize that your aging loved one may not be doing as great as they said they were. You notice changes in someone, […]

Holidays with loved ones


Whenever you go to a senior housing facility or long-term care facility, have you ever seen the Ombudsman notice and wondered, what’s an Ombudsman? Why do these places have such statements? The State of California requires Ombudsman notices to be posted publicly in long-term facilities. The word Ombudsman comes from Sweden and means representative. An […]

What’s an Ombudsman


After years spent working, you finally have reached the age to retire. No more 9-5. No more getting up early and working late. It is now the time to relax and focus on you. Retirement is the time to slow down and enjoy life. Most Americans spend their retirement days. Once a person masters those […]

Retirement Life


Many think that home health and home care are the same, and they are not. One deals with health, while the other deals with care. Medical insurance covers home health but does not cover home care, which is an out-of-pocket expense. Individuals with a Long Term Care (LTC) or some life insurance policies may help cover home […]

Home Care vs Home Health

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People are different. They have different lifestyles, beliefs, family models, finances, etc. This can all play into how someone wants to leave their estate. Furthermore, there may be challenges with one or more heirs. An example is family members struggling with addiction or horrible finances. The law recognizes this, so there are various trust options […]

Various Trusts

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IHSS is a program offered in California that pays for services so that a person can remain safely in their home.  Here are the eligibility requirements for IHSS: The types of services IHSS will authorize are: A county Social Worker will interview an applicant at their home to determine their eligibility and need for this […]

In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

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