The conversation about downsizing with senior parents is often fraught with emotional and logistical complexities. It’s a conversation that necessitates a shift in both living space and mindset, frequently met with resistance or unease. The key to navigating this transition lies in approaching it with empathy, patience, and a deep understanding of its multifaceted nature. […]

Compassionate Approaches to Downsizing


There comes a point in most people’s lives when they think of moving. As people get older, they may want to move for several reasons. For some, the upkeep of their current home can become overwhelming. For others, they may choose to live closer to their family. Moving is a complex decision because figuring out […]

When to move?


Everyone needs to downsize at some point in their life. People downsize to simplify their lives. Some people downsize because they move to a smaller living situation. Whatever the reason is, it can become overwhelming to find new homes for your stuff, especially if you think something has value. Fortunately, you do not have to […]

Resale options

At some point in a homeowner’s life, they need to decide if they will age in place or sell their home and either age in a smaller home or a senior housing community. When that time comes, a homeowner should consult a realtor. There are many realtors out there with various designations. Most professionals recommend […]

Senior Specialist Realtors


When getting organized, one must downsize by paring down the items they no longer need. At the same time, they need to rightsize by keeping the things they like and need that accommodate their current lifestyle. While doing both of these processes – downsizing and rightsizing – setting up a system to get and stay […]

Getting Organized

People talk about downsizing, especially as a person ages, but what is rightsizing for Seniors? Rightsizing is the concept of working with what you have by making better use of an existing or new space. It is purging unwanted items one no longer needs and living a more simplified life. When going through this process, […]

Rightsizing for Seniors



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