Medical Services

In the 1930’s, 40% of U.S. doctors would make house call visits.  That number sharply decreased by the 1950’s to 10% of U.S. doctors making house call visits, and less than 1% by 1980. There were several reasons why this decline happened, such as, inefficient use of a doctor’s time since a doctor can be […]

Traveling Medical Professionals


Medicare covers some medical transportation, but not all.  Transportation can be challenging as one ages. Some people stop driving because of physical or cognitive challenges. Therefore, they rely on a spouse or someone to take them places for shopping or dental or medical appointments. But what happens to people who don’t have someone to transport […]



It is best to be medically prepared in case of an emergency, especially in your older years.  Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.  Over 14 million people 65 and older in the United States report falling yearly.  Of those reported, 37% required medical treatment or restricted their activity […]

Medically Prepared


Technology has developed rapidly and is helping the aging community. Innovation is reducing the cost of care with smart devices, sensors, and cameras. In addition, technology is helping the medical world. Doctors can use technology with patient communication, monitor their patient’s conditions, or use innovative technology for early diagnoses or surgery. Furthermore, patients can use […]

Technology helps medical costs


Most adults 65 and older want to grow old in their homes. Modifications may need to be made at the house to accomplish this goal. When it comes to in-home care, most older adults receive services from unpaid family caregivers allowing them to age in place. This may not be an option for some families. […]

Professional help for seniors


Senior safety is a top priority. Falls are common among people 65 and older. About 36 million falls are reported annually among older adults. Three million fall-related injuries are treated in an emergency department each year. To help reduce this exposure, one must look at a person’s living situation, especially for those that age in […]

Senior Safety


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