elderly care

When the time comes to bring a caregiver into a home, it can bring on anxiety, plus more. There are personality and trust issues since the caregiver is a stranger. Everyone wants the best, but figuring it out is overwhelming. In addition, finding the right caregiver can feel paralyzing since you need to figure out […]

Questions for caregivers

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Many people think home care and home health are the same, but they are not. One deals with health, while the other deals with non-medical care. Medical insurance covers home health but does not cover home care, which is an out-of-pocket expense. Individuals with a Long Term Care (LTC) or some life insurance policies may help cover […]

Home Care vs Home Health

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As a person ages, there might come a time when they will need help with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This would be an excellent time to evaluate if a caregiver should come in. Everyone has different situations, so there are different types of caregivers. Most of the time, the payment for caregivers is out […]

Different types of caregivers

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