Unfortunately, abuse happens with children, animals, and even older adults. It is an all too common problem for abuse in a nursing home setting, too. In fact, 66% of nursing home staff members admitted to abusing residents in a 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) study. Abuse comes in all forms, including physical, psychological, neglect, and […]

Nursing Home Abuse


There are five types of Medicare coverage: Parts A (hospital coverage) and B (non-admitted emergency room visits, medical appointments, medical supplies, and tests), Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan), Part D (drug coverage), and Medicare Supplement Insurance often referred to as a Medigap coverage. The Social Security Administration provides parts A and B coverage. Insurance companies […]

Medicare Costs

Medicare open enrollment for 2023 is coming up, from October 15 to December 17. There are five types of Medicare plans, including Part A, B, C, D, and Supplemental. Now is the time to reach out to a Medicare specialist to learn more and to look into alternatives for Part C (Medicare Advantage plans), Medicare […]

Medicare 2023


The convenience of everything online, including online banking, is terrific. The problem is identity theft. In fact, data breaches and other financial scams expose millions to identity fraud. Accordingly, FTC received 5.7 million fraud and identity theft reports, of which 1.4 million were identity theft cases. Total losses are estimated to be $10.2 billion. The […]

Preventing Identity Theft

Have you heard of Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance and wondered what it was? Unlike traditional health insurance, long-term care covers long-term services and supports. Coverage includes personal and custodial care in various settings, such as your home, a community organization, or other facilities. Health insurance covers doctor’s appointments, hospital treatment, home health, and skilled […]

Long-Term Care Insurance

Have you ever wondered what to do with unwanted medical equipment or supplies? If you rent the equipment, call the company to pick it up. If you own the equipment, you must think of a way to unload it. Most don’t want to throw it into the trash because it’s still usable. Plus, the guilt […]

Medical Equipment


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