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Service dogs can be an excellent resource for people with a disability. In fact, the Americans with Disability Act defines service animals as individually trained dogs to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. These loving animals can be another tool to assist a person with their daily tasks and increase independence by […]

Service Dogs


When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it affects them plus their family. It can become overwhelming for everyone. Luckily, there is support for cancer patients and their families. There are many different types of cancers, leading to different kinds of treatment. Everyone has different needs depending on the diagnosis, treatment, and person’s reaction. Fortunately, […]

Support for cancer patients


Have you heard of Make a Wish? A non-profit that grants wishes to children ages 2.5 to 18 with a critical illness. Did you know there are similar non-profits that grant wishes for seniors? There are smaller non-profits and national non-profits to help grant wishes. STAGES is here to explore a few senior wish non-profits. […]

Wishes for Seniors


There are many benefits to animals and the aging community. For elderly pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity, and help them learn. What are the health benefits of a human-animal bond? Research has shown the positive side […]

Animals and aging

Have you ever wondered what to do with unwanted medical equipment or supplies? If you rent the equipment, call the company to pick it up. If you own the equipment, you must think of a way to unload it. Most don’t want to throw it into the trash because it’s still usable. Plus, the guilt […]

Medical Equipment

Whenever you go to a senior housing facility or long-term care facility, have you ever seen the Ombudsman notice and wondered, what’s an Ombudsman? Why do these places have such statements? The State of California requires Ombudsman notices to be posted publicly in long-term facilities. The word Ombudsman comes from Sweden and means representative. An […]

What’s an Ombudsman



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