The conversation about downsizing with senior parents is often fraught with emotional and logistical complexities. It’s a conversation that necessitates a shift in both living space and mindset, frequently met with resistance or unease. The key to navigating this transition lies in approaching it with empathy, patience, and a deep understanding of its multifaceted nature. […]

Compassionate Approaches to Downsizing


In the 1930’s, 40% of U.S. doctors would make house call visits.  That number sharply decreased by the 1950’s to 10% of U.S. doctors making house call visits, and less than 1% by 1980. There were several reasons why this decline happened, such as, inefficient use of a doctor’s time since a doctor can be […]

Traveling Medical Professionals


Bookkeeping and bill-paying services may sound basic, but they can be invaluable to certain older clients.  Some people have difficulty keeping up with their checkbooks and paying bills, which can lead to fees and penalties if not paid on time.  Plus, it can open someone to fraud or identity theft.  In addition, if the finances […]

Bookkeeper for a senior


Unfortunately, abuse happens with children, animals, and even older adults. It is an all too common problem for abuse in a nursing home setting, too. In fact, 66% of nursing home staff members admitted to abusing residents in a 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) study. Abuse comes in all forms, including physical, psychological, neglect, and […]

Nursing Home Abuse


Medicare covers some medical transportation, but not all.  Transportation can be challenging as one ages. Some people stop driving because of physical or cognitive challenges. Therefore, they rely on a spouse or someone to take them places for shopping or dental or medical appointments. But what happens to people who don’t have someone to transport […]



Service dogs can be an excellent resource for people with a disability. In fact, the Americans with Disability Act defines service animals as individually trained dogs to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. These loving animals can be another tool to assist a person with their daily tasks and increase independence by […]

Service Dogs



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