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Previously mentioned were the top five scams exploited in the aging community, but there are additional scams people should be aware of. Everyone is subject to scams, but the older generation tends to fall, victim, because the deceptions appear genuine, and the person may not recognize the dishonesty. Scams come in many forms, including text […]

Additional Scams

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Elder Abuse Scams are soaring. Older people get swindled out of more than $3 billion yearly. 3.5 million seniors are victims of financial exploitation each year, with an average loss of $34,200. Every day, older adults are harmed by mistaken assumptions and inadequate assessments of their decision-making capacity in the criminal and civil justice systems. […]

Top Elder Abuse Scams

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The number of senior scams has risen. In 2021, over 92,000 victims over 60 reported losses of $1.7 billion, a 74% increase from 2020. Seniors are targeted by scammers daily and in a variety of ways. Why are seniors targeted? There are several reasons why scammers target seniors. The most common reason is that thieves […]

Senior Scams

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Is there an agency to report adult abuse? Any adult with concerns about neglect, abuse, or exploitation, can report their problems to Adult Protective Services (APS). This agency is strictly for older adults (60 years and older) or dependent adults (18-59 who are disabled). People can also report to APS if adults look like they […]

Report Abuse – Adult Protective Services (APS)



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