Whenever you go to a senior housing facility or long-term care facility, have you ever seen the Ombudsman notice and wondered, what’s an Ombudsman? Why do these places have such statements? The State of California requires Ombudsman notices to be posted publicly in long-term facilities. The word Ombudsman comes from Sweden and means representative. An […]

What’s an Ombudsman


It can be overwhelming and frustrating as your loved one ages, especially regarding income versus expenses. The expenses can add up quickly! Activities people could do before may become limiting because of a person’s medical condition or as their body gets older. Paying people to help adds up, so it is nice to know if […]

Government programs for seniors


The SSA, or Social Security Administration, is an independent Federal agency in the executive branch of government.  It is one of the largest federal agencies.  The central administrative and computer operations are located in Baltimore, MD.  There are local SSA offices to service individual claims. People pay taxes into the program.  The program takes the […]

(SSA) Social Security Administration


Living situations can become complicated as people age. There are many different living options as they go through the stages of aging. One option is to move into a senior living community that offers independent and assisted living services. Occasionally, a resident may need more care than an assisted living community provides and will consider […]

Caregiver and Assisted Living

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When bringing in a caregiver, you must prepare your home. Preparing your home applies wherever you live: apartment, house, or senior housing community. Bringing in a stranger as a caregiver, whether it be part-time or full-time, can bring on anxiety and a loss of privacy. Plus, there is a disruption in the household routines. Preparing […]

Preparing a home for a caregiver


At some point in people’s lives, they must decide whether to stay home or look into senior housing. As many as 77% of adults 50 and older want to age in their homes, yet 70% of older adults will need support in their homes. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and people age at different rates. There […]

Stay Home or Senior Housing?


Talking to an aging parent about driving can be a difficult conversation. Most drivers love the independence driving brings, so giving up that freedom is difficult to accept. Plus, most adults think they are safe drivers; they have lots of driving experience and wear seat belts. Unfortunately, driving may be less safe for seniors because […]

The Talk – Aging Parent and Driving


Many people in the United States drive a car. Driving is a privilege and gives a sense of freedom. Many older adults depend on driving to maintain their independence and allow them to get to various events and appointments, including medical appointments. Unfortunately, a person can develop physical or cognitive challenges that affect their driving […]

Senior Drivers


There comes a point in most people’s lives when they think of moving. As people get older, they may want to move for several reasons. For some, the upkeep of their current home can become overwhelming. For others, they may choose to live closer to their family. Moving is a complex decision because figuring out […]

When to move?



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