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Most seniors want to age in place, allowing them to retain high control in a familiar environment. Plus, some older adults value remaining close to their possessions. When you think about it, people spend decades acquiring various objects; some hold sentimental value, so departing with them is difficult. Aging in place allows them happiness with […]

Caring for a senior at home

There is an old saying, “Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart.” That is true. There are five stages to aging, and resources are available for each phase. The big question is, what are the top required services for seniors? Looking at this list, all seem manageable; until considering costs. Only some things are […]

Top Required Services


Speech Therapists do more than help people with a speech impediment. Yes, they help people who stutter or slur their words. They also work with people who do not speak clearly because of a medical condition (i.e., stroke, ALS, hearing loss, or something else). They work with people to communicate clearly and easily or give […]

Speech Therapist Duties


One of the biggest misconceptions is that people have to use the home health provider, palliative care provider or hospice provider that the case manager or social worker assigned.  That is not true. You need to qualify and obtain a referral from a doctor to get this service, but you have a choice on which […]

Home Health Provider Choices



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