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There is an old saying, “Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart.” That is true. There are five stages to aging, and resources are available for each phase. The big question is, what are the top required services for seniors? Looking at this list, all seem manageable; until considering costs. Only some things are […]

Top Required Services


Services Montclair Elder Services provides personalized care management for older adults who are struggling to get the care they need with trusted advice from an expert. Our services include care management, dementia care support, hospital to home support, and home safety evaluations. Our services are customizable. We can meet in person, on Zoom, or a […]

Montclair Elder Services

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Finding the right caregiver can take time. There are two types of caregivers people hire. First, a caregiver works for themselves, which often seems cheaper, but does not have insurance (business or workers’ compensation). Therefore, there is no care if they become sick or have a personal emergency. Also, if they injure themselves while caring for your […]

Finding The Right Caregiver

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