As a person ages and develops physical or cognitive issues, they need more care. The majority of people 65 and older want to age in their homes. They do not want to go to a nursing home. Family members often cannot provide 24/7 care, so they must seek other help methods. Finding a qualified caregiver […]

Technology helps caregivers

Paying for caregivers for a loved one because they develop health or mobility issues is expensive. Seventy-seven percent of adults 50 or older prefer to stay home as they age. The problem is that staying home with a caregiver may not be financially feasible, and moving to a facility is expensive too. The caregiver’s cost […]

Paying for caregivers


There is an old saying, “Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart.” That is true. There are five stages to aging, and resources are available for each phase. The big question is, what are the top required services for seniors? Looking at this list, all seem manageable; until considering costs. Only some things are […]

Top Required Services


The time has come, and a caregiver needs to go in and help with your aging loved one. It is an awkward time since you are asking a stranger to come in and care for someone important to you in their home. There are personalities and trust issues to deal with. Everyone wants the best, […]

Questions for caregivers

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Many think that home health and home care are the same, and they are not. One deals with health, while the other deals with care. Medical insurance covers home health but does not cover home care, which is an out-of-pocket expense. Individuals with a Long Term Care (LTC) or some life insurance policies may help cover home […]

Home Care vs Home Health

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There are various ways to pay for caregivers. Health insurance does not cover these services because caregivers do not provide medical treatment. Therefore, most people pay for this private service out of pocket. The person being cared for or a family member pays caregivers. A caregiver can be an individual or a caregiver that works […]

How to pay for caregivers?

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