When getting organized, one must downsize by paring down the items they no longer need. At the same time, they need to rightsize by keeping the things they like and need that accommodate their current lifestyle. While doing both of these processes – downsizing and rightsizing – setting up a system to get and stay […]

Getting Organized

People talk about downsizing, especially as a person ages, but what is rightsizing for Seniors? Rightsizing is the concept of working with what you have by making better use of an existing or new space. It is purging unwanted items one no longer needs and living a more simplified life. When going through this process, […]

Rightsizing for Seniors


Downsizing is a life process. Everyone goes through their stages in life. From childhood, to young adolescents, to young adult, to middle age and more, people go through their various stages and reduce their possessions to fit their current situation. The same applies when people simplify their lives and downsize after retirement. There are stages […]

Downsizing tips

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Household hazardous waste, we all have it.  It comes to a point in most people’s lives where they must sort through all their possessions and figure out what to keep, donate, and trash or recycle. As people age, their living situation may change, so they need to downsize their possessions. Downsizing can be especially true […]

What is household hazardous waste?



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