A person should prepare for retirement. Preparing for retirement requires planning. While most people may automatically think of financially being prepared, this is only one aspect. Getting your legal documents and other wishes in order ensures everyone can meet your wishes. How can you financially be prepared for retirement? Social Security, if a person qualifies, […]

Prepare for retirement


Two-thirds of U.S. adults have no will. That means many Americans do not handle their affairs post-death. It is a topic people prefer to refrain from discussing or dealing with. Unfortunately, they leave their dying intestate for grieving family members and other potential heirs to settle the descendant’s affairs.  Considering this, people without a will should […]

Pay on death

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People are different. They have different lifestyles, beliefs, family models, finances, etc. This can all play into how someone wants to leave their estate. Furthermore, there may be challenges with one or more heirs. An example is family members struggling with addiction or horrible finances. The law recognizes this, so there are various trust options […]

Various Trusts

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A legal document that transfers one’s assets into a Trust’s name and is a legal entity with separate and distinct rights. The document sets the terms for managing the assets and, eventually, the distribution to the designated beneficiaries. It can provide peace of mind by letting the person control the disbursement of their assets. There […]

What’s a Trust?


Examples of fiduciaries are attorneys, bankers, financial advisors, and doctors, to name a few. These people provide a professional service that best serves the person who hired them. But what is available for someone that needs help managing their life, even possibly their financials? Is there anyone out there that can help with that? Yes, […]

What’s a Fiduciary

The short answer is yes. Wills are important because two things are inevitable in life – death and taxes. The problem is that nobody wants to discuss either subject, though I think more people are willing to talk about taxes over end-of-life planning. Wills are morbid but essential to speak of; it’s the final mark someone […]

Is A Will Important?



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