Bookkeeping and bill-paying services may sound basic, but they can be invaluable to certain older clients.  Some people have difficulty keeping up with their checkbooks and paying bills, which can lead to fees and penalties if not paid on time.  Plus, it can open someone to fraud or identity theft.  In addition, if the finances […]

Bookkeeper for a senior


The convenience of everything online, including online banking, is terrific. The problem is identity theft. In fact, data breaches and other financial scams expose millions to identity fraud. Accordingly, FTC received 5.7 million fraud and identity theft reports, of which 1.4 million were identity theft cases. Total losses are estimated to be $10.2 billion. The […]

Preventing Identity Theft

Reverse Mortgages are not for everyone. Most people interested in a reverse mortgage and qualify are susceptible to scams. Applicants must be 62 or older, and most have little savings or investments, which is ideal for predators. In addition, scammers pose as trusted individuals. Each scam is unique since con artists tend to tailor their […]

Reverse Mortgage Scams

Reverse Mortgages are when a property owner 62 or older borrows against their home’s equity to bring cash or a line of credit from a lender. Unlike a traditional mortgage, they only need to repay once the last surviving homeowner moves out of the residence or dies. Interest and fees associated with the loan get […]

Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons

I am sure you have seen the commercials for reverse mortgages and wondered, what are they? A reverse mortgage is a loan for senior homeowners that allows borrowers to access a portion of their home’s equity and use the home as collateral. Repayment is triggered once the last surviving homeowner permanently moves out of the […]

Reverse Mortgage

Paying for caregivers for a loved one because they develop health or mobility issues is expensive. Seventy-seven percent of adults 50 or older prefer to stay home as they age. The problem is that staying home with a caregiver may not be financially feasible, and moving to a facility is expensive too. The caregiver’s cost […]

Paying for caregivers



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